Why Yoga for kids?

Childhood is fun but there are challenges.  Making friends, navigating emotions and keeping up with our busy fast paced world can leave children feeling stressed and anxious.

We believe that by providing an affordable and accessible training course we can empower more teachers to help Children enjoy the healing benefits of Yoga.

Children need to be given space to relax, breathe and take care of themselves so that they can reach their full potential at school and at home.

Through practising tricky postures kids are taught patience and perseverance as well as improving strength and flexibility.

We work on breathing and vocal techniques so that children learn to speak up for themselves confidently.

Yoga Buddies teacher training has been designed with children 5 - 12 in mind. It can be taught as an after school club, holiday club or as part of the school curriculum or at home. It is becoming increasingly in demand as an effective way to combat stress and anxiety in young children.

Emily always enjoys Thursdays at Nursery as that’s when she does Yoga. She loves showing us what she has learned.
— Emily's Dad - Nursery