Let me introduce you to afternoon tea in Clifton.

You know the place.

Fragrant diners drink perfumed tea through pursed lips. China is clinking.  Jam scones are nibbled and shared.

Life is calm, beautiful and peaceful.

Until you arrive.

You see, in a moment of madness you decided to bring your Kids.

They don’t sit, nibble or share.

They have been promised cake and they are excited. Very excited.

Like a scene from a post-apocalyptic horror movie, the kids start tearing up the place.

Screaming. Running. Banging. A glass gets knocked over. Every one is staring at you and your feral offspring.

Panic rises your patience wains and there’s only one thought in your head;




As a kids Yoga teacher this is a question I get asked a lot.

“How do I transform my kids from screaming gremlins to peaceful angels, with no tears, tantrums or raised voices?”

Sounds like magic?

It is.

Yoga magic.

In this blog, I’ve put together 4 simple steps that you can follow to move your kids from chaos to calm in less than 2 minutes.

1.  Check in with yourself

The first step is to pause and check-in. How are you feeling? How would you normally react?  

Panic, stress, empty threats?.....I used to have Father Christmas on speed dial

Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself there is another way…

2.  Step into their world

Instead of demanding they come into your world with your rules, try stepping into theirs.

Cup your hands and gasp (you need to do a bit of acting)

“You’ll never guess what I have in my hands…”

As one looks, the other one will stop and take interest.

*Stage whisper* “…I’ve just found a magic butterfly. Who wants to hold her?”

3.  Channel their energy inside

Then, channel their energy inside them. Make them aware of their senses and breath. Don’t just tell them to sit still and be quiet… show them how!

“If you want to hold her you have to sit down and be really quiet. Now hold your hands out really gently and close your eyes.”

“She’s magic and if you look she’ll disappear. But if you concentrate you may be able to feel her fluttering in your hands.”

“What do you think she looks like?. Is she big or small? Is she wearing clothes? Does she have a suitcase? What colour are her wellies?”

  Keep your tone low and remind them to whisper and keep their eyes closed.

“I think it is time to let go of her. Take a long slow breath in and very gently blow on your hands. open your hands and let her fly away”

4.  Praise them

Finally, praise them for sitting still and enjoying it. You’ve just shown them that sitting still can be a game and it can be fun. Reinforce this behaviour by celebrating it. 

In summary, yoga magic is a powerful way of connecting with your child on their level and transforming behaviour from chaos to calm.

This 2 minute trick is great to have up your sleeve to call upon when you need it most.

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