Course Outline

Intro to Yoga 

  • What happens to our bodies when we practise Yoga. How it can soothe and energise and why it is so brilliant for Children.
  • We will look at physiological and emotional issues arising in early years and how to address these in a Yoga story.
  • You will get the chance to experience a kids Yoga class and learn how to put one together yourself.
  • How to focus the children and get them ready for Yoga
  • We will cover a set number of postures and breath practices explore how they make us feel and how to teach them safely.
  • Performance - How to add that special sauce to the Yoga story so that children will stay interested
  • How to bring a story book to life using Yoga postures.


  • A chance to experience a guided visualisation aimed at Children.
  • Through out the day you will have the opportunity to practice your teaching skills and receive constructive feedback.
  • Each delegate will receive a comprehensive booklet out lining all the techniques covered during the day including a posture guide and two Yoga stories
  • This course is suitable for any one working or living with children who has practised Yoga for at least a year.